More features for "power users"

We’ve been really pleased to see Timetastic hasn’t been taken up just by small businesses, but by large companies too. We’ve added a few features in the last week specifically for larger organisations and those of you that spend a lot of time with Timetastic.

Performance Improvements

Never the most exciting things in the world; Timetastic is now faster than ever before. We’ve more than halved the time it takes to load each screen in Timetastic, and have specifically concentrated on the wall chart: initial load and scrolling through months now loads in a third of the time it did a few weeks ago.

Wall Chart

Hover over any day name at the top of the wall chart (the M, T, W…) and that day will be highlighted all the way down. A great way to keep your eye on a specific day, especially with Christmas coming up! We’ve also removed the borders from days to make the wall chart less distracting.

Wall Chart HighlightBetter Searching

Great for those of you with lots of departments, the department filter has been extended to the users page.

Users FilterWe’ve also introduced a new feature on both the wall chart and users page: click the hourglass on the right of the screen, and type part of a user’s name in the search box that appears. The wall chart and users page in front of you will be filtered to match your search query!


Timetastic fixes and new features

This one’s been a few weeks coming, but this morning we put live a new release of Timetastic with multiple bugfixes and some improvements!

Bugs fixed

  • You couldn’t cancel holidays using Safari on an iPad.
  • You couldn’t book holidays using Safari on an iPad.
  • Issues with bulk uploading users fixed, including better department handling: you can now only upload users into your own department if you’re a department boss
  • When you initially loaded the book time off form, the wrong holiday allowance showed
  • The wall chart header that showed the month name would sometimes be incorrect part way through a month
  • When viewing a user’s leave allowances on their edit page, some years would erroneously repeat
  • In some instances, you couldn’t book days off after a bank holiday
  • More improvements to half day handling on the wall chart, to fix edge cases where sometimes a full day would show as a half day
  • Incorrect deducting of leave allowances over the Christmas 2013 holidays
  • “Days remaining” leave allowance showing differently for some users on the wall chart and my calendar pages
  • If you deleted a user from the system, they could remain using the system until they logged out
  • If you deleted a user from the system, they could request a password reset (although could not login with the new password)


  • When you bulk upload a CSV/Excel file containing your users, you can now use drag and drop upload
  • 2014 bank holidays are now available for all existing users

As ever, if you have any questions about this release, you can get in touch with us by emailing

January Development Update

Happy new year to all our Timetastic users! This blog’s been pretty quiet, but we’ve spent the last two months working on a big update to Timetastic, which we’re currently planning to release in late January.

Speed and stability

This release is full of under-the-hood improvements. As we head towards a full launch, we’ve really focused on stability, trying to iron out as many bugs as possible. We’ve also speeded up many places in the app, and also made it quicker for us to roll out new updates.

A design refresh

new_designWe’ve done a big refresh on the design of Timetastic – the top navigation bar is easier to use, we’ve made the colours nicer, and this has allowed us to incorporate some really nice things. For example, you can now see your holiday allowance for both the current year and the next year.

We’ve cleaned up other pages, too. Here’s a look at the new settings interface:

new_settingsThe wall chart

Some people have been experiencing problems in the beta period with the wall chart, and we’ve done a full rewrite of how this works to combat this. The new version is a lot more resilient for both big and small companies.

We’ve also added some new features here – if you click on your holidays, you’ll have the option to cancel them directly from the wall chart.

cancel<em>holiday</em>newWhat about charging?

We still haven’t made a decision on when we’ll start charging for Timetastic – we want to get this release out, plus some other features people are waiting for, like iCal feeds, and make sure everyone’s happy with Timetastic before we start charging people to use it.

Our current plan is to get this out by late January, and we’ll email everyone who’s signed up when we’re planning to do this. Speak to you then!

Lots more features added!

Not only has there been an awesome video added to Timetastic, but we’ve added some nice new features in the last few days too!

Better emails – featuring Harry!

We’ve got some great new emails. You get a different Harry depending on if your holiday’s been approved or declined!

Better staff management

There’s now a “Staff” page if you’re a department boss or administrator, and you can easily edit people’s details from that page. Also, when you’re viewing your own calendar (or someone else’s if you can see it), you can now toggle between a calendar and list view.

Easier support and feedback

There’s a handy support tab on the left that links into our help desk system – click it, and you can tell us your feedback or ask for support!

Lots of statistics

You won’t see these from a user perspective for a while yet, but we’ve got some awesome graphs that tell us how much people are using the system and how many people are signing up. If you’re adding lots of holidays, we might be coming to talk to you about how you’re finding it!

As a sneak peak, here’s what our signups look like over the last few days… (it’s a sneak peak because we left the numbers off the side!)

Mobile apps – coming soon!

We’re (no surprises) having a little back-and-forth with the Apple ‘App Store’ review team. No estimate yet on when the iPhone app will be in the store, but based on what we’ve heard we’re hoping in the next week or two.

The Android app’s just being finalised and we’re testing on as many devices as we can – we’ll be submitting that early next week.

Your feedback

We’ve had lots of great feedback so far and we’re really enjoying talking to people about how they’re using Timetastic. Two of the most requested things we’ve had are the ability to see your holidays as an ICS feed (so you can include it in Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar), and the ability for bosses to book holiday for their own staff.

Both of these will be coming very soon. In the meantime, we hope you’re enjoying using Timetastic!

Timetastic Video

Today we got the Timetastic video loaded up on the marketing homepage.

Timetastic is one of those apps that will replace a tired old paper or spreadsheet based system. The video’s an attempt to show how the app fits with the employees of a small business, and the advantages of a system for managing staff leave that’s on a web and mobile app, rather than paper work or spreadsheets.

Naturally we wanted to inject some fun into the process, let’s be honest; holidays should be something to smile about. That’s why you’ll see Harry book a holiday to Bognor Regis for £30 and head to the beach on his surf board!

For the Geeks amongst you, the transition from computer screen to mobile app is particularly cool.

We hope you like it?