Timetastic... faster and more reliable than ever.

Good news - our user counts are going up and up, we now have over 120K people using Timetastic. To keep Timetastic running smoothly for all these users the engineers have spent a lot of time over the last few months focusing on improving speed and reliability.

We thought it would be nice to share some of what work with you.


We've started using Cloudflare with Timetastic. Without getting too technical, Cloudflare is like a swiss army knife of features designed to help your website and web app run faster and safer. It helps deliver content quicker, and provides additional protection if any hackers try to run malicious code against Timetastic.

Load balancing.

We now have not one, but two data centres running Timetastic, one near London, and one near Cardiff (both operated by Microsoft's Azure cloud). In the event that something bad was to happen at one data centre, you will automatically switch to the other one, keeping everything running at all times.

We've also done the same with our database - all data is replicated (or copied) to another "backup" database in a different data centre. If something bad was to happen to the main database, we switch to the backup, again keeping everything up and running.

I hope this slightly technical blog post was useful, and shows our commitment to keeping Timetastic nice and fast, with as little "oops it's down" time as possible :)