Hourly Allowances, Hourly Leave

I'm excited to tell you about the release of our most requested feature; hourly allowance tracking and booking leave in hourly blocks.

We've worked hard to bring the process of booking time off in hours into the normal Timetastic workflows, hopefully you'll like it :)

A New 'Users' Page

To bring this in we've had a significant re-design of the 'Users' page, which now records contractual/ working hours in the week.

Converting to Hourly Allowances

We've also introduced a process which, if you need hourly tracking, will convert an employees existing annual leave (stated in days) into a unit of hours (because we can't book in hours unless we state their allowance in hours).

NOTE: For any employee whom you'd like to book leave in hours, you will need to convert their daily based allowance into a hourly based allowance. You do this on an employee by employee basis from their 'Users' screen as below:

It's worth noting here that once you convert an employee to an hourly allowance you can't go back, ever. If you are nervous and just want to test hourly working, we'd suggest setting up a dummy employee first and running through the process (just archive them at the end to avoid being charged the additional £0.50).

Requesting Time Off in Hours

The process of booking time off in hours is eaxctly the same, the only change you'll find is those employees who have an hourly allowance will see hourly options in the book form, as per this image:

And that's it. In all honesty it took a long time to design the process but that was time well invested, once done it was remarkably simple to follow, we hope you think so too?

You can also find more information on hourly allowances in our help centre, here's a direct link.


Time Off Request Form

I was just doing a bit of Google keyword research and couldn't help but notice the plethora of template Time Off Request Forms available on the web.

Some are for actual companies, some templates you can download and customise yourself. Some you order and come in triplicate (do you remember triplicate? Even worse do you work in a company that uses such technology?) Most are lengthy and A4 sized.

It just brings it home what we are doing at Timetastic, these forms need to be banished forever, there is absolutely a better way.

But I suspect I'm preaching to the converted here :)

It just got me thinking maybe we should put up our request form, our challenge to the paper work.

Timetastic's Time off Request Form

Timetastic Help Centre

Introducing the all new Timetastic Help Centre :)

We've been learning from your most frequently asked questions and looking at ways to help you roll out Timetastic, one improvement you'll find is the new Timetastic Help Centre.

You can visit the Help Centre by clicking this link.

We'll also be including links from the website and the footer of Timetastic.

You can find help and guidance, answers to frequently asked questions, and how-to guides.

The content will be updated on a regular basis and account for any new functions or changes we release. If you notice something missing, or would like to see a specific inclusion then please let us know:



Managing user allowances in 2015

First, Happy new year to all our timetastic users, how soon did 2015 come around?!

A lot of people are sorting out their staff leave allowances for 2015, and we're getting some questions about how the allowances work as we enter the new year. This post explains everything you need to know.

What happened to my 2014 leave allowances?

In short, the answer is "nothing". Each user in timetastic has an annual allowance. When a new year starts, you book your leave against the allowance you have for the new year.

What about my remaining allowance balance?

Timetastic doesn't carry any remaining balance forwards. We know some people would like it to do that, but we find that so many companies have different rules regarding this - should we carry all days forwards, is there a limit, what about part time workers.. you get the idea.

For users who permit carry over, we've got a handy export that will provide you with all the information you need to add additional days via the 'days in lieu' function.
Assuming you're an admin, if you head to

Settings > Data Export

You will find a "Allowance Summary" export that you can grab.

The 2014 allowance summary contains all the details you need - including the remaining balance.

Hope this helps.

Updates 19th December

Today we released a few updates to Timetastic, a kind of Christmas present to our customers!

A few are just tweaks to help improve usability, but one is a significant step in making Timetastic more flexible.

Specific Approvers

This is the significant one: You can now specify exactly who you want to approve an employee's leave. Until now it was the department boss who approved leave, now you can select away from the department boss in favour of any other Timetastic user.

You make the change for each employee in the "Users" section. Go to "Users" from the main menu, select the user and you'll find the new field, "Approver".

There are numerous advantages and use cases for this:

We know of many customers who group managers into their own specific department so that a more senior member of staff can aprove their leave, but the problem is this department of managers served no real purpose and actually split managers from their department. This is no longer necessary, you can have a department boss whose leave is approved by a more senior person without needing a completely seperate department.

You can also us the flexability to operate less formal structures for approving time off, you don't need to stick to the traditional departmental basis.

Deleting Time In Lieu

This one has cropped up so many times we lost count, so yeas you can now amend Days in Lieu - both up and down!

Other Updates

  • Sort Order on The Wallchart - when showing all departments the wallchart is now sorted by department and then alphabetically by staff member.

  • Fixed Bank Holidays on ical Feeds.

  • Fixed Status field on Excel Exports.

  • Various copy changes and minor improvements.

As always, if you have any questions we are here to help

Thanks and Happy Christmas